About Angela

I love flowing movement and authentic life-serving expressions of the sacred as it emerges in and through us.

At the Heart...

  ...I believe in the innate healing power and wisdom within each person and which flows between us when  we come together. Through our connections, we help each other contact our own healing power and that in us that wants to grow and be shared with the world.  We do this by providing a special kind of 'container' or holding space, one that is skillfully shaped with compassion and presence, kind  curiosity and gentle inquiry.  This is the heart of what I want to offer to us all.   

-to engage in all the mystery of life and to help each other along the way. 

"Individual Flourishing ~ Collective Belonging".  - (Meredith Monk)

After many years struggling with my dark night of the soul (addiction, depression and trauma) I have come through like a phoenix rising from the ashes, oriented in my heart, connected with a deep guiding source that wants to dance with life and collaborate with others. 

I have some skills and joys I'd like to share where it fits and is helpful. 

~ Creative Collaboration!

Credentials, Skills and Depth Experience:

Certified Holden Qiqong Instructor

CMA – (Certified Laban Movement Analyst)

B.A. – Dance and Community Arts

Certified Kiloby Inquiries facilitator www.kiloby.com  - (a somatic-based self inquiry methodology)

Other experience and areas of depth studies:

Dance Choreography and Performance

Movement Coaching

Movement for Seniors and people with dementia

Non-Violent Communication

Mindful and Integral Recovery 

Somatic Inquiry

Mindful Movement and Meditation Groups

Dream Work Integration through Movement

Massage Therapy (formerly licensed)

Fundamentals of Caregiving –Downs Syndrome, Autism, Alzheimer’s clients

Chicken Husbandry - & Creator of the Urban rotating paddock system. 

Whole foods cooking

Peaceful Eating ~ Group practice


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