Movement for Seniors


Gentle flowing movement classes for seniors and people with dementia


  • Maintain what you have
  • Develop your potential
  • Enjoy! Your beautiful body
  • Revitalize your spirit with energizing and graceful movement



“Angela impressed me with her observation skills and her ability to gracefully cater her classes to the specific needs in her groups. With her diverse repertoire, she engaged every participant to their fullest potential. Her delivery appears effortless, and her classes are inspiring and fun”. 

Helga Wissenbach

Engagement Assistant & Dementia Care Specialist

Silverado Retirement Dementia Care Residency

Angela draws from several movement disciplines providing a unique blend of exercises to facilitate:

Balance and Coordination, Stability - Mobility

Relaxation, Circulation and Revitalizing the Whole Body

Flexibility, Range of Motion and Grace

Body awareness, Centering and Breath

Brain health and Integration

Positive Mindset, Expressiveness and Appreciation

FUN together!

Keep and improve your mobility and stability with Angela’s gentle flowing movement classes.


Movement Modalities drawn from:

 * Modern Dance Technique, Expressive Dance and Improvisation

* Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals

* Developmental Movement Patterns

* Qigong - Restorative, simple meditative movement

Angela skillfully works with groups doing mindful movement and dance for health, fitness, joy and facilitating passages through life. She has a gift for tailoring her classes to the abilities and interests of the participants. She sees the unique beauty of each person and cherishes the opportunity to move together.

Angela conducts her classes with an atmosphere of non-competitiveness, and without judgement. She encourages each person to listen to their body’s needs and pace, each finding their inner wisdom and joy for movement, while supporting everyone to gently expand their edges for greater movement function and confidence.


“Angela skillfully leads people of all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities to be comfortable and explore new ways to both think and move.”- Julie Carpenter, Bellingham WA

Currently Angela teaches movement at Silverado Retirement Dementia Care Residency, and privately.

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Certified Qigong instructor 

CMA – (Certified Movement Analyst)

B.A. – Dance and Community Arts

Other experience and areas of depth studies:

Dance Choreography and Performance

Somatic Embodied Inquiry, Movement Coach

Mindful Movement, Meditation, Mindful Eating Practice

Dream Work Integration through Movement

Relaxation Massage

Fundamentals of Caregiving – companion/care for Downs Syndrome, Autism, Alzhiemer’s clients