Nervous System Regulation and Resilience

Learn how to orient in the calm branch of your nervous system to enjoy and thrive in life.

"The Polyvagal Theory is really the science of connection - what I like to call the science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life." 

 Deb A. Dana, Author:

More to come soon......

For now, here are some words from Matt Licata:


It is not an error
that you have been born
a sensitive human being,
with a tender nervous system
and a heart that is sometimes

Inside the wound, a spiral. 

Your vulnerability is not a mistake,
but a portal to aliveness. 



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Angela's Nervous System Regulation workshop.

Here's a link to the podcast where Angela speaks about Nervous System Regulation, Qigong and Recovery.

Here's what one person says about Angela's explanation of nervous system regulation:

" I just couldn't resist sending you an email to say how much I got from  watching your Nervous System Regulation, Qigong, and Recovery podcast.   I've read and watched so much on the Polyvagal theory, and always  struggle to apply what I'm learning to my life.  Your presentation was  the clearest by far that I've seen, and helped me to see that the daily  Reiki, Qigong and meditation practices I have are the Polyvagal theory  in action!  There are so many sharing information these days, but few  with the clarity that you have brought to this.   There is a wave of appreciation coming your way from New Zealand right  now. Namaste." 

Jo Hainsworth ~ Tauranga, New Zealand

Reiki Instructor, Qigong and EFT practitioner