Somatic Inquiry and Kiloby Inquiries

Fully aware in the present, welcoming everything as it is

Being aware in the body....Inquire with gentle curiosity and witness the unfolding process of being human. Trusting the innate intelligence that is deeper than thought.

Accepting the invitation to move with life!

Somatic inquiry is tuning in to your body's impulses to move and following them to access the healing process that is innate. 

We use right brain (creative and non-linear) portals, according to what feels most natural for the client. Examples include: dreams, active imagination, creativity, archetypes, story, play, song... We then bring the client's topic of inquiry into active engagement through one or more of these portals and listen through the body's response. Through this process, information and deeper wisdom can be accessed that might not be through ordinary thinking. Feelings and emotions can be processed and integrated. This is a highly individual and creative process.  Angela follows the client's  organic process, offering resources and tools.

One-on-one sessions.

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Kiloby Inquiries

Angela is a certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator

 "Angela  holds such a beautiful space of presence and is so skilled as a  facilitator. She's right there with me, no matter how intense or  difficult the material that is arising is, meaning I can relax into the  process and feel safe no matter what comes up.  As a survivor of severe  early trauma, having Angela facilitate for me is such a precious gift". ~  J. H. 

 Kiloby Iquiries is a method to discover the exquisite timing and grace of your own inner wise wilderness - allowing it to unfold and evolve.....a way of applying mindfulness to self inquiry to bring to awareness core negative beliefs and let suffering unwind  and heal through the body. 


Kiloby Inquiries and "Nervous System Regulation"

By Angela MacLeod

There's a lot going on right now in the field of neuro-biology about how the nervous system works, and new ways to deal with stress and trauma healing. It might seem like the goal is to be stress-free and stay calm all the time. But that is not the goal as I see it.

After decades (maybe my whole life) of living in chronic stress or depressed mode, it is a huge transformation for me to finally find my nervous system baseline more often in the calm parasympathetic branch (ventral vagal), thanks to practicing qigong. But it is not my goal to always stay calm. The deeper healing takes being willing to be triggered and disturbed, and finding  a new way of dealing with that.

Our nervous systems have evolved to be continually in dynamic movement, and overlapping gradations between activations and calming ebb and flows; as we interact with the challenges of life. It's when we get STUCK in either the fight/flight mode (sympathetic branch) or the freeze mode (dorsal vagal branch), which is often experienced as chronic anxiety or depression, or oscillating between both extremes -- this forms the physiological platform for living troubled lives and suffering. If you're stuck in chronic suffering it's natural to want out, and to hold on to moments of calm. This is also often a primary driver of addiction, as substances and behaviours are sought out to relieve the pain of chronic dysregulation.

Qigong practice has helped me develop the capacity to orient in presence and to flow with energies in my body. But it doesn't get at the deeper sources of my suffering. For that I use self-inquiry - to turn towards my conditioning and traumas, to bring them into the 'field' of gentle compassionate awareness. 

Deep healing of old trauma and dismantling of limiting beliefs happens when we hold BOTH in awareness: the calm presence of the ventral vagal mode AND allow ourselves to be triggered (sympathetic or dorsal vagal) ; even calling forth the stored traumas and rigid beliefs into a safe "container" or context to be looked at and felt through. It is important to develop the capacity to both activate, and to rest and integrate. One is not better than the other. Both are needed for each to be effective. 

It’s the dynamic relationship between resting and inquiring that is the key.

An incredibly effective tool for this process of calm aware presence (rest) AND deep self-inquiry is Scott Kiloby's Inquiries and Living Inquiries. Having been trained in the Kiloby Inquiries methodology and now practicing with clients, I am continually astonished at the effectiveness of this approach - both for myself and those I work with. 

It's gentle, yet penetrating. 

It allows each person to discover the exquisite timing and grace of their own inner wise wilderness to unfold and evolve.

Why I offer facilitated Inquiries


After  decades of addiction, I was left with the chronic depression, shame,  isolation and unresolved trauma. I remember with gratitude the first  time I heard Scott talk about healing the underlying drivers of  addiction, depression and suffering. I knew that was what I needed to focus on.

I began working with his methodology and it has been profoundly transforming for me.  I took the training so that I could bring this work to others. With it we can see through our negative core beliefs  and let the pain and trauma that is held in the body finally unravel and  flow through. It is  an amazing methodology for healing these deeper roots without adding  any outside belief system.

I  love sharing this work with others. In a facilitated Kiloby Inquiry session, I  gently guide the client to inquire into the causes of their suffering. I  follow their process and pace in non-judging, compassionate awareness.  

With Kiloby Inquiries, the causes of pain and suffering often dissolve, revealing  the peace, love and intelligence that is deeper than thoughts or  beliefs.